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FOLKLORE: FEJF 80. Birthlore and Childhood in Archaic and Modern European Cultures

Edited by Irina Sedakova and Nina Vlaskina FOLKLORE: FEJF 80 is dedicated to a topic which has alwa...
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Dr Irina Stahl's lecture on social relationships in Rumenian villages via Teams

Irina Stahl (Researcher of the Institute of Sociology, Romanian Academy and Secretary of the Ritual ...
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SIEF Ritual Year Working Group Autumn 2020 Seasonal Webinar

We are thrilled to announce the initiative of the members of the SIEF WG ?The ritual year? to establ...
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COPING SRATEGIES 2: From Diary to Meme Creation

From Sept. 21-22, the conference "COPING SRATEGIES 2: From Diary to Meme Creation" of the Department...
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Old and new sociocultural values in Russia and Bulgaria by Irina Sedakova

On September 28, at 11 (Est. time) Dr Irina Sedakova (Institute for Slavic studies, Russian Academy ...
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COVID-19: Management strategies and communication models. I

18 August 2020, Our first conference on COVID-19! We are part of a pandemic with the greatest nu...
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Folklore 79

We are happy to introduce the second part of the special edition of Folklore: Electronic Journal of ...
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Cooking with humour. Belorusian humorous folklore about family cooking traditions

Anastasiya Fiadotava, a junior research fellow at the Estonian Literary Museum, presents in her lect...
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CFP: Conference “Voice, Connection and Message in Traditional Singing“ in Tartu, Estonia 30.11-1.12.2020

CALL FOR PAPERS Dear colleagues! We are pleased to invite you to participate in the conferen...
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Anastasiya Fiadotava's lecture on mother-in-law jokes

Anastasiya Fiadotava, a junior research fellow at the Estonian Literary Museum, explores in her lect...
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Lecture "DrinkIing the Udmurt way" by Eva Toulouze

Eva Toulouze (Paris, INALCO, professor in Finno-Ugric Studies; Universisty of Tartu, Department of E...
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Folklore 78

We are pleased to present to you the special edition of Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore, ti...
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New series of video lectures by the Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum

The state of emergency persists. To make distance working more enjoyable, the Department of Folklori...
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