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The Internet server Haldjas that connects Estonian folklorists and folklore was established in 1995 by the folk belief research group of the Institute of the Estonian Language with support from the Open Estonia Foundation and later also the Estonian Cultural Endowment. Since 2000, the group and the server work under the Estonian Literary Museum.

The server hosts web pages of people and institutions collecting and researching oral and written (as opposed to material) folk heritage. Internationally the best-known and most used resource is the English peer-reviewed journal Folklore: An electronic Journal of Folklore, published since 1996. The Estonian peer-reviewed folkloristic journal Mäetagused (with summaries in English) was founded at the same time and also enjoys local popularity.

For purposes promoting folklore, the server room is provided without charge. All information and services in the server are provided for the readers without charge. Please note that most material presented in the server is protected by copyright laws and should not be copied or reproduced without consent from the copyright owner. Also, please give the authors due credit and use proper references when citing the material.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please contact us.

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