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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a question/problem/etc. How can I contact you?
A: About questions concerning our server, see Contact. If you have problems with a certain website, try to find out who maintains it. If it doesn't help, send an e-mail to the Main address. See also FAQs below.

Q: I like/don't like your site! Who made it, when and why?
A: is a server which groups together Estonian folklore research and scholars and study of folklore. Click here to read more. Although the server is maintained by the folklore department of the Estonian Literary Museum, not all the materials have been compiled or set up by our department. If you have questions about a certain website, try to find out who maintains it. If it doesn't help, send an e-mail to the Main address.

Q: How is connected with the Estonian Folklore Archives and the Estonian Literary Museum?
A: Both the Estonian Folklore Archives and the folklore department are part of the Estonian Literary Museum. Haldjas is administered by the folklore department.
For the homepage of the Estonian Folklore Archives and introductory materials, click here.
Department of folklore: click here.
The Estonian Literary Museum has its own server Kirmus, providing all the information on the literary museum as an institution. Kirmus and Haldjas are two physically independent servers.
See also: About

Q: What about the copyright issues of the published material?
A: All the materials are free to reprint and copy for educational and illustrative use, unless stated otherwise. But, please, make a reference to the source: the authors have worked hard for this and deserve acknowledgment. Also, every author would like to know how, when and where his materials are used. We welcome feedback!
Please contact us, if you wish to reproduce a passage or a longer text in your publication! The copyright holder may not expect a fee, but would like to know how, when and where the material is used. Then we can also add a reference of publication.
NB! The compiler of the material is fully responsible for guaranteeing the copyright of the electronically published material. The compiler of each website is responsible for the material on the site. Administrators of the Haldjas server are not responsible for obtaining copyrights for the material that is compiled by others.
The use of copyright material without obtaining permission is prohibited.

Q: I could not find the copyright owner of a material in Haldjas.
A: Contact us. We will send you the contact information of the right person.

Q: I have found a non-active link!
Q: I have some suggestions on how to improve your site.
A: We always welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

Q: I have some material that may be included on your site.
Q: I'm interested in certain topics/have written on a topic on folklore. What are my chances of publishing it on your site?
A: Contact us. We always welcome good contributed materials, and may even be able to help you with HTML.
See also the question about copyright.

Q: I am interested in vampires/fairies/chain letters/etc.
A: Use our Search option. If you get no results, please contact us. You can always use Google, especially the Advanced search option.

Q: I still could not find an answer to my question?
A: Send an e-mail to See also Contact information.

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