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COVID-19: Management strategies and communication models. I

18 August 2020, Our first conference on COVID-19!

We are part of a pandemic with the greatest number of registered cases, in which, along with medical data, researchers can draw on enormous amounts of recorded experience and practices. Next to new curing methods, technologies, and economic analyses, several vernacular practices and behavioural patterns have emerged for crisis situations. These are supported by a number of different vernacular theories, the credibility of which depends on each concrete person – be it the recognition of the reliability of Twitter conversations and their help in predicting the spread and outbreaks of COVID-19 if no other credible indicators are available (Singh et al. 2020). According to Thomas McLaughlin (1996), the theoretical approaches presented by non-academics, for example, experts, activists, fans, or visionaries, constitute popular theories, which proceed from the attempt to explain their discoveries and knowledge.

The open online forum focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing which manifestations of adaptation and creativity came to light and what were the results achieved in the field of vernacular processes and practices. The issues under observation are trust, credibility, crazy hypotheses, and extreme control, and the fields discussed range from medical folklore to secular and religious rituals, figurative speech, social media movements, and other topics.

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