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Folkloristic books

This page provides an alphabetic list (by title) of folkloristic books, together with short annotations. The books can also be ordered.

Prices are approximates and can change without prior notice.

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Newest book in English

Folklore 20-22

Folklore 20-22

Mare K├Áiva, Andres Kuperjanov, EKM FO, ISSN: 1406-0957, Price: 3.00 EUR

You can read about contemporary legends and their literary origins, about migration and narration, oral history and biographies (yiddish speakers, nganasans), diaspora & homeland, stereotypes, truth and fiction in topical jokes.
From classical narratives we find articles about E. Nesbit's 'The Magician's Heart' and the character roles in the Estonian versions of The Dragon Slayer (AT 300). Some articles focus on the folk astronomy or on the different aspects of burial and wedding customs, incl. the awareness of death.

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