Applied and Media research

Applied research involves research into the solutions of e-publishing, establishments of different database modules, creation of full text databases and solutions for related problems, e.g., key words, studies of possibilities for connecting sound, image and text, creation of a mapping programme, and its application in e-anthologies and publications. Folklorists have created different search engines. Information on the different projects can be found in the folklorists' server, offering also free access to the results of several applied research projects.

Establishing digital text archives (stored in the internal server Ohto), SQL-based database of Internet jokes (ca 30,000 texts, stored in the internal server), digital copies of earlier publications (external and internal server), paremiological data (133,900 riddle texts, 130,000 phrases and sayings, 6,000 droodles in digital form). Authenticated and edited material is accessible online, the rest in the internal server, searchable by key words. The material is free for use, but must be accurately used and cited.

Applied research also involves the compilation of e-registries – types and motifs of Estonian narratives and beliefs (for researchers and students).