The relationships of people-animals-environment and the philosophy behind it is analogical research tendency (theoretically based on T. Ingold, etc.). Since this area of research is characterised by major changes and impacts of attitudes and social behaviour, the series of interdisciplinary studies initiated in 2004 will be continued. The activity will involve new studies into promotion and species, specific motifs, speech acts and activities, including feedback studies and reports. Project leaded by Liisa Vesik

Studies are supported by:

ESF grant 8137. “Internet. Processes of narrative, value and identity creation, reproduction and transformation” - the research area is online communities and the animal narratives.

The interdisciplinary conferences

The intedisciplinary conferences

  • Inimene ja lemmikloomad I /The peoples and pets,
  • Inimene ja lemmikloomad II ,
  • Inimene ja lemmikloomad III,
  • panel Animals in Folklore.
  • Old treasures in the new Europe: the future of ethnobiology in the East and Far East.
  • Results

    Results are published as special issues of the journals, for example journal Mäetagused 31.


  • Liisa Vesik 2008. Lemmikloomad Eesti veebis viimasel viiel aastal / Estonian Pets Online – The Past Five Years .
  • Mare Kõiva 2010 Mis keeles me räägime loomadega / What language do we use with animals? In Estonian, with English summary.Mäetagused 44
  • Mare Kõiva 2010. What language do we talk to pets? In: Kultūras studijas Cultural Studies. Scientific papers II. Daugavpils: Daugavpils University, pp. 377-399.
  • Kristi Salve 2007. Kassi helge kuju eesti rahvapärimuses/ The Happy Image of the Cat in Estonian Folklore: How and Why? Mäetagused 35
  • Arvo Krikmann 1999. Vanasõnad loomade identiteedist. Tüpoloogilisi memuaare In Estonian. Mäetagused 12
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  • Piret Voolaid 2008. Zoofolkloorseid aspekte eesti keerdküsimustes, liitsõnamängudes ja piltmõistatustes /Animal Lore in Estonian Riddle Periphery Mäetagused 40
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