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New book about cultural communication

Liisi Laineste, Dorota Brzozowska & Władysław Chłopicki just published a new book about cultural communication.
A set of comparative articles about creativity and tradition in cultural communication in Estonia and Poland has been published by ELM Scolarly Press. The set consists of two volumes, Volume 1 concentrating on jokes and humour, and Volume 2 on identity creation.
Web Shop: 1) (Volume 2)
Estonia and Poland. Creativity and tradition in cultural communication.
Volume 2: Perspectives on national and regional identity ISBN 978-9949-490-77-6 (Vol. 2, printed version)
ISBN 978-9949-490-78-3 (Vol. 2, web version)
Key words: identity, narratives, media, folklore, cultural studies
Paperback: 248 pages
Language: English
Editors: Liisi Laineste, Dorota Brzozowska & Władysław Chłopicki Tartu:
ELM Scholarly Press
Published: May 2013

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