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51st issue of Folklore came out

The special issue of Folklore. Electronic Journal of Folklore has been compiled by Art Leete, professor of ethnology at the University of Tartu. The articles in the collection are concentrated around the issues of identity dynamics and political aspects that influence it. The collection is interdisciplinary, uniting ethnologists, folklorists, sociologist and human geographers. Interdisciplinary approach has been applied on article level – the majority of articles have been written in cooperation with colleagues representing different disciplines. The special issue was compiled within the integrated research project of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory, and was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.
Kirsti Jõesalu and Raili Nugin examine different artistic projects that aim to interpret late Soviet experience by Estonian artists and writers who were born during the 1970s. Kristin Kuutma, Elo-Hanna Seljamaa and Ergo-Hart Västrik analyse the social undercurrents that shape the ethnic identity and emerge in the political discourse between the ethnic minority and majority. Ester Võsu and Helen Sooväli-Sepping investigate the application of the elements of smoke sauna tradition in the strengthening of regional identity and in the development of local tourism industry. Maarja Kaaristo and Risto Järv explore the concept of the local feeling of time in regard to tourism, using the example of two Estonian tourism entrepreneurs. Eva Toulouze and Liivo Niglas’s reflexive study about the Forest Nenets demonstrates how details of fieldwork encounters shape our understanding and interpretation of somebody’s individuality as well as of culture on a wider scale. Art Leete and Piret Koosa study challenges of the Komi Orthodox village culture under the conditions of evangelical religious movements, and Toomas Gross analyses the relations between Protestants and Catholics in Mexico.

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