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51st issue of Mäetagused came out

The new issue makes good reading for folklorists, literary scientists, orientalists, language specialists and ordinary readers.
Meelis Friedenthal focuses on the mechanisms of the evil eye according to ancient and medieval theories of perception, Vladimir Sazonov takes us to the world of ancient Sumerians and Akkadians, and Laurent Sébastien Fournier describes the role of myths and legends in French anthropology. Reet Hiiemäe speaks about how the commercial world uses the image of an angel as a messenger in advertisements. Liisa Granbom-Herranen dwells, on the example of Finland, upon proverbs and their usage in pedagogical speech and analyses how proverbs from childhood have been understood and interpreted. Ruth Mirov focuses on the attitude of the Noor-Eesti (Young Estonia) group towards folklore, and Asta and Katre Õim deal with the changes in phraseology on the basis of the phrase läheb nagu lepase reega (goes like on an alder sleigh), introducing its origin and qualitative changes in the meaning.
The journal gives an overview of different conferences, new publications and defended dissertations; the articles are provided with summaries in English.
The peer-reviewed journal Mäetagused has been published since 1996 and can be found as a free online version at

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