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Tsässons and churches of Setomaa in the 17th to 21st century

From September 15 unitl October 6, Vanemuise 42, main hall

The photography exhibition includes 80 photos of all the 23 tsässons and 6 Orthodox churches located within the Estonian territory of Setomaa (Setoland). All photos were taken by architecture photographer Arne Maasik (in 2008-2010) and all texts (in Estonian, Russian and English) are written by Jaanus Plaat, professor of Folk Art and Cultural Anthropology at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

This exhibition is part of the research and photography project “The Orthodox Churches and Chapels in Estonia” conducted by the Chair of Folk Art and Cultural Anthropology at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and supported by the Estonian Science Foundation and Cultural Endowment of Estonia. The project includes several scientific publications and online and photographic exhibitions of Orthodox sacred buildings in Estonia, which are associated
with the compilation of the two-volume scientifically commented photo album “The Orthodox Churches and Chapels in Estonia” in Estonian, Russian and English.

The exhibitions, exhibition texts as well as the album are based on the photos taken during the fieldwork in 2007-2010, interviews with Orthodox people and other sources. During this project, almost all the currently
known Orthodox churches, their ruins, chapels (including the Seto tsässons) and monasteries in Estonia and within the Russian territory of Pechory County as well as all the churches and prayer houses of Old Believers in Estonia were photographically recorded. The project managers and authors of the exhibitions are the architecture photographer Arne Maasik (all photos) and Jaanus Plaat (all texts).

The designer of the exhibitions is Martin Siplane, translators are from Avatar Translation Bureau. Jane Kalajärv and Tanel Tsirgu, Master's students of art and cultural anthropology at the Estonian Academy of Arts, were also involved in the exhibition project.

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