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Folklore 44

We kindly ask you to read the new issue, Vol. 44 of Folklore. Electronic Journal of Folklore (available at, dedicated to ethnoastronomy, astronyms and celestial phenomena.

Yuri Berezkin writes about the Pleiades as openings in the sky, the Milky Way and the girl seen on the Moon, highlighting the relevant associations in the myths of North-Eurasian peoples. In his article dwelling upon the formation of a mythological text, Aleksandr Gura makes a comparative study on the beliefs of Slavic peoples regarding the spots of the Moon. Andres Kuperjanov's writing on the Churl's Wagon, i.e. on the names attributed to the constellation of Ursa Major (and also Ursa Minor) provides an overview of the astronyms of Christian origin in Estonian folk astronomy. Enn Ernits makes a thorough observation of the Cosmic Hunt theme in North Eurasian rock art.

Bulgarian wood calendars, their structure and characteristic signs are discussed by Vesselina Koleva, illustrated with abundant examples. Nikolay Sivkov gives a detailed overview of a ram-shaped lunisolar calendar, found in Western Ukraine and dated to Late Antiquity. In her article on children's thinking Eve Kikas describes the learning process and associated difficulties during the transfer from the level of everyday thinking to that of scientific, utilising the children's explanations to clouds, rain and the rainbow. Mare K├Áiva's article on the last days of our Earth provides a comparison between the popular omens of the doomsday and the auguries of prophets. Evangelos Gr. Avdikos gives an insight on the development of folk studies in Greece as of the 19th century.

In addition, the readers of the new issue can obtain a brief coverage of the more relevant events and enjoy a book review.
Vol. 44 of Folklore. Electronic Journal of Folklore is available at

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