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Folk Narrative Conference Jutumaailmad. Sõna on asjatundjatel.

The Centre of Cultural History and Folkloristics in Estonia, in cooperation with the Academic Folklore Society and the Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum will be organizing the conference Jutumaailmad. Sõna on asjatundjatel (Narrative landscapes. The floor is given to experts) on October 27, 2005 in the main hall of the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu. The conference is dedicated to the 70th birthday of Pille Kippar, a leading Estonian narrative researcher.
The conference programme:
Pille Kippar and narrative landscapes in ten minutes. Mare Kõiva
Why the interpretation of folk tale is not popular in oral tradition. Little Red Riding Hood. Bronislava Kerbelitė
Homo narrans – man (and woman) the story-teller. Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhøj
True Legend, Restitution or Forgery? Testing the Validity of a Danish Legend Type. Carsten Bregenhøj
Coffee break
Lore narratives about cannibalism: a folkloristic and socio historical phenomenon. Eda Kalmre
Narrating in the book – a book as an example and aim in the world of antiquities of Hans Anton Schults. Katre Kikas
"Kui külvät, nii põimat." On proverbs in two folk tale types. Risto Järv
17:00 Congratulatory speeches
18.30 Pille Kippar and Jaagup Kippar present: family history on photos.

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