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Gustav Vilbaste 120

On September 16-17, 2005 the Centre of Jakob von Uexküll, the Estonian Naturalists’ Society and the Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum will organize the joint conference In-between natural sciences and natural folklore, the exhibition Gustav Vilbaste 120, and the evening of folk songs collected by Gustav Vilbaste, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Gustav Vilbaste in Tartu and Kuusalu.
The first day of the conference in the main hall of the Estonian Literary Museum will focus on the botanical, journalistic and folkloristic activities of G. Vilbaste; on Day Two the studies of local history by Vilbaste and his contribution to the formation of nature protection in Estonia, and his role in promoting folk education will be explored at the Kuusalu community centre. To materialize the acquiring of knowledge by hiking and sightseeing trips, promoted by Vilbaste, the hiking trip to the Juminda Peninsula, which Vilbaste visited on his collection and exploration expedition, will be held. The event concludes with the concert and sing-along of folk songs collected by Gustav Vilbaste at the swing court of the Tapurla village. Registration in advance is required for the bus ride from Tartu to Kuusalu (45 seats) and the hiking trip to Juminda Peninsula until September 15, 2005. Conference programme and abstracts available at
Further information: Riin Magnus: 51 96 74 93 Mall Hiiemäe: 7 377 733

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