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Tuesday seminar on March 21

At this Tuesday seminar, Marten Seppel discusses the paternalistic rhetoric of manor lords in the Baltic area. Paternalistic ideology played a special role in the mentality and written work of Baltic manor lords. Paternalistic ideology is an attitude according to which the relationship of a manor lord with his serfs is viewed as analogous with the relationship of a father with his underage children. As a true figurehead or father, the manor lord was expected to educate, feed, protect and love his serfs, and if they happened to fall ill, call a doctor or give medicine to them. Next to discussing the main principles of the paternalistic idea in Livonian, Estonian and Kurzieme manors, the presentation attempts to inquire whether and to which degree were these paternalistic arguments based on reality. Was it merely an ideology to justify nobility or does it, in a way, reflect the actual practices of agrarian relationships.
The seminar begins at 12 in room 234 of the Literary Museum.

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