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Folklore Prize of the President of Estonia

At 16:00 on Monday, February 20, Arnold Rüütel, President of the Republic of Estonia, will present the President’s prize to the best folklore collectors in 2005 in the Estonian Literary Museum. The nominees for the folklore prize according to the work contributed to the Estonian Folklore Archives in 2005 are Jüri Metssalu, student of Estonian history at the University of Tartu from Rapla County, and Tiit Birkan from Keila. Jüri Metssalu was awarded the prize for collecting regional lore from villages in Rapla County. Tiit Birkan’s continuous contribution to the folklore archives since 1981 could be characterized by good knowledge of folklore and genuinely ethnic creativity.
Other contributors to the archives will be rewarded at the festive event and two new publications of the Estonian Literary Museum will be presented. Anu Korb will introduce the CD anthology Siberi eestlaste laulud (Songs of Siberian Estonians) and Triinu Ojamaa will present the collection of articles Pärimusmuusikast populaarmuusikani (From Folk Music to Popular Music).
Musical entertainment by folk group Tsõdsõpujaleelo.

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