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Academic seminar Folk Tales: Past and present at Tallinn University

The academic seminar dedicated to the 70th birthday of Pille Kippar, professor emeritus of the Tallinn University will be held at 12-16 on November 2, 2005 in lecture room K-238 at the Faculty of Philology, Tallinn University.
The seminar programme
Ülo Valk, Social functions of legends in the nineteenth century Estonia
Mare Kõiva, The white ship: symbol and narrative
Eda Kalmre, The Voitka Brothers in media discourse
Coffee break
Risto Järv, People in animal folk tales and animals in folk tales about people
Aivar Jürgenson, Sex and mushrooms
Marju Torp-Kõivupuu, Folk tale type “Eggs to worms” in the context of medicinal lore
Pille Kippar, On research into Estonian folk tale in the 20th century
Congratulating Pille Kippar in the green hall of the café of the Faculty of Philology.

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