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Seminar on Health Tourism in Austria

On March 15 at 12.00 Margret Jäger, medical anthropologist, doctorate from the University of Graz, collaborating professor of UFRN / School of Medicine in / Brazil will give a talk about definitions of health tourism and it’s gender aspects.
At the beginning definitions of health and medical tourism are shown to stimulate the critical reflection for differences within the study field of “health tourism”. Furthermore gender differences are presented to contextualize gender aspects in the field of tourism and health/medicine. “Health tourism” grows extremely worldwide and people spend a lot of money for different reasons to achieve better health, search for a cure, change their lifestyle and find relief for their health problems. The talk discusses the case of an Austrian “women-only” health hotel to show discrepancies between scientific knowledge about health and health promotion and industry´s interpretation of it. Anthropological knowledge may help to understand people´s search for better health and industry´s reactions to it.
As usually, the seminar will take place in the Estonian Literature Museum, Tartu, Vanemuise, 42 (Fourth Floor Seminar Room).

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