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Seminar on gender stereotypes

On October 8 at 12.00 Saša Babič (Institute of Ethnology, Scientific Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) will present a paper “Gender Stereotypes and Prejudges in Slovenian Joking Questions”.
Seminar will take place in the Fourth Floor Seminar Room, Vanemuise 42 (Estonian Literary Museum).
Joking questions are subtype of riddle and most common riddle in Slovenian cultural space nowadays. It has the function of joke, therefore it is the form on the border between two genres: between riddle and joke. It covers wide range of themes from everyday life and we can get them in all society classes and most of the age groups. Therefore we can observe some of the stereotypes and prejudges which are masked in “not serious/just a joke” form, like gender issues, racism, intelligence etc. I will focus on gender joking questions, collected from internet forums and e-mails: the material will be presented within the place of publication, cultural background and the motivation of their creation.
All are welcome to participate!

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