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Vol. 60 of Mäetagused came out!

Issue 60 of the journal Mäetagused discusses political and religious rituals and interethnical relations.
Jurij Fikfak (Slovenia) describes political rituals and discourses on the example of Slovenes and Austrians living in the province of Carinthia (Kärnten), Austria.
Ekaterina Anastasova (Bulgaria) overviews the dynamics of celebrating the day dedicated to the authors of Cyrillic script, the brothers Cyril and Methodius in the national and ethnic practices in the Ukraine, among Bulgarian communes in Odessa and the Crimea.
Mare Kõiva, Andres Kuperjanov and Liisa Vesik (Estonia) overview Bulgarian pilgrimage destinations, including expressions of bi-religiosity in Orthodox or Islamic sanctuaries. New spiritual movements with special interest in national monuments include the church and abbey of Baba Vanga, recreated ancient Thracian religion, and the White Brotherhood.
Vladimir Sazonov reviews power relations in the kingdoms of ancient Sumer and Akkad, how state ideology developed and policy towards temples changed in 2500-2154 BC.
Liina Eek provides a qualitative research analysis on the relationship Estonian-speaking Orthodox believers have with their confession.
The journal provides an overview of folklore conferences, new publications and defended dissertations. All articles in Estonian have a summary in English.
The peer reviewed scientific journal Mäetagused has been published continuously since 1996 and provides open access online

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