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Seminar on digitizing in the Finnish Literary Society

On November 19-20 the international seminar Folklore Archives and Cultural Dynamics. Problems of Digitizing and Management of Intangible Cultural Heritage was held in Helsinki by the Finnish Literary Society. Participants of the two-day seminar included folklorists from the Estonian Literary Museum - Anneli Baran, Kristin Kuutma, Andres Kuperjanov, Mare Kõiva, Liisa Vesik, Piret Voolaid and Ergo-Hart Västrik. Presentations were delivered by Estonian folklorists Ergo-Hart Västrik (Revisiting Archival Description: Recent Experience in Modelling Data Structure for the General Database of the Estonian Folklore Archives), Mare Kõiva (Seven Paradoxes of Folklore Databases), and Piret Voolaid (Constructing Digital Databases of the Periphery of Estonian Riddles). Digital databases compiled in the Department of Folkloristics were introduced in poster presentations (Database of Estonian Phrases by Anneli Baran, BERTA – Database of Estonian Popular Calendar Holidays by Liisa Vesik, RADAR, the Map of Estonian Cultural History by Tõnno Jonuks and Priit Lätti, and Database of the Periphery of Estonian Riddles by Piret Voolaid).

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