Volumes of legends in the series Monumenta Estoniae Antiquae, 2004-2008

Kahekesi. Kaljo Põllu

head of the project: Mare Kõiva.
Mare Kalda
Andres Kuperjanov
Katre Kikas
Reet Hiiemäe
Kristi Salve
Eva Kait Kärblane
Maris Kuperjanov
Asta Niinemets
Salle Kajak

The project worked on creating a digitized legend data corpus and work on preparing academic text volumes to be published in the series Monumenta Antiquae. The work concentrates on legends of: hidden treasure, water and house spirits (Tõnn), mythological diseases (the underground people, malaria, witch-arrow), werewolf, heritage about lakes and trees, ethnoastronomy. The project digitizes and systematizes 1) folklore materials on these topics in different Estonian archives, 2) creates an indexed corpus of the data corpus, 3) e-indexes and general database, 4) preparation of legend volumes and their corresponding electronic online and CD-DA format output. The general umbrella database "Rehepapp" in Estonian is available and special sub-databases about "Setu heritage as recorded by Ello Kirss" in Estonian,
"Lendva/ Witch-arrow heritage" in Estonian.

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