Memory landscapes of Karula

Photo: Pikne Kama

Leader of the project: T├Ánno Jonuks.
Kaisa Sammelselg
Helen Hanni
Pikne Kama

The project purpose was to find and digitize material in the archives of the Estonian Literary Museum that were recorded from the area of the Karula national park (Karula parish) - a total of 257 heritage texts. The texts were typed, proofed and formed into a text corpus. In the second stage of the project, 98 heritage locations in Karula were pinpointed on the landscape with GPS co-ordinates and photos were made on site. A MapInfo map layer was prepared for use for the national park administration. In the third stage of the project, the heritage sites are made public online, together with published texts, photos and their GPS co-ordinates.

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Pilt Pikne Kama
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