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49th Academic Conference of F. R. Kreutzwald

On December 20-21, the 49th academic conference of F.R. Kreutzwald will be held at the Estonian Literary Museum.
The conference programme:
Tuesday, December 20
Opening speech. Prof. Jaak Aaviksoo, rector of the University of Tartu
On the social, political and national aspect in Estonia in 1905. Prof. Tiit Rosenberg (University of Tartu)
The year 1905 in narrative family history. Jaan Kaplinski
Estonian Literary Museum in 2005. Janika Kronberg
Estonian authors August Kitzberg and Oskar Luts. Peeter Olesk
Mogri Märt – a hero of our time. Linnar Priimägi
Facing censorship: discoveries in the archives of Riga. Vello Paatsi
The century of Kreutzwald at the dawn of the new media. Marin Laak
Wednesday, December 21
Manifestations of the spirit or mental illness: mutiny in Estonian historical memory and its medieval source texts. Linda Kaljundi
On the events of 1905 until the civil war on 1918 in Vyborg and Finland. Outi Fingerroos
On the spectacular battleship “Petropavlovsk”, the harbinger of revolution. Aado Lintrop
Executed as a revolutionary: Victim of the 1905 events as a story character. Tiiu Jaago
Men in the castle yard: Shame, oblivion and hushing up. Mare Kõiva
The Christmas of 1905 in Estonia, and particularly in Vigala. Marju Kõivupuu.

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