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The last Tuesday seminar in 2004

At 13:00 on December 30 we will visit the display Genealogy of Estonian Domestic Animals in the Estonian Agricultural University under the guidance of Eha Järv and Juhani Püttsepp. The display has been set up with the joint efforts of NGO Centre of Archaeology and the Estonian Agricultural University, and the project leader is paleozoologist Lembi Lõugas. We will be presented an overview of domesticated wild animals, domestic animals and their evolution over thousands of years. The earliest evidence of the presence of domestic animals on the Estonian territory is canine teeth discovered in the Pulli settlement and dating back to 10,500 years. 5,000 years old findings inform already of the presence of bovines, swine, goats and sheep. The first domesticated cat in Estonia is known from the period 2,000 years ago.

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